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Probably the Best Genesis Tribute Band in the UK

Ultimate Genesis

Los Endos capture the excitement of a live Genesis gig from the Seventies, with a 2½ hour show of scintillating musicianship and a state of the art light show. Featuring music from their early heyday when Peter Gabriel sang and Steve Hackett played guitar to when Phil Collins took centre stage, Los Endos have focussed on music from all the hit albums of the 70’s plus a few surprises.

As avid fans of the music the band and technical crew have spent many hours creating a show that is second to none in bringing to life some of the greatest music of the era – 'Probably the best Genesis Tribute Band in the UK'.

So please explore the site, check out the gigs and keep prog rock music live.


Latest News

With all this social media malarkey, and our excellent FaceBook banter, it's dead easy to forget to update our web page! So here it is!

What an inspiration it was to celebrate a 40th Anniversary tribute to 'Seconds Out - Round II' plus lots more! We hust had the best time playing it all for you. 'Suppers Ready' just can't be beaten as a live experience. We played our first two nighter in Dartford and a great time was had by all - thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a successful (if utterly knackering) event! You'll notice that we have another double header lined up for you back at the Tivoli (our seventh performance there!) It's always a major challenge deciding what to leave out of the set that we play for you. The band have, over the years, mastered much of Genesis' catalogue and we only have 2 hours or so to perform... So we will be playing two completely different sets over two nights in Wimborne, the first based around our theme for 2018 - Knebworth 1978 and the second the 'Best of the Rest'. For the full on experience come both nights!

Phil Collins' biography and tour announcement have fired up a realisation that the magnificent music he produced with Genesis is timeless (and not embarassing or pretentious as critics have maintained until recently) and if you want to enjoy the exhilaration of this music live and up close you can't do better than Los Endos.

We are basing our 2018 show around the only gig that Genesis played in 1978 - at Knebworth. '...And Then There Were Three' is well represented and we have discovered as a band what a truly amazing musical experience that album is. We know... it's a 'Marmite' experience. But come and see the band play with their legendary energy and you'l be getting the old vinyl album and re-discovering some fantastic music. Dave, our wonderful drummer, is particularly excited - and when you hear the drumming that Phil Collins created, re-created, you will be floored, Guaranteed. Literally can't wait to expose ourselves at the Waterside in Aylesbury. Err.... wait a minute should I rephrase that?

The most up to date and dynamic way to stay in touch is on Facebook - as Jack says at every gig 'We love the banter' - let's keep Prog Rock Live!

Lighting News

Dominic, our lighting engineer, gets a bit restless. Somehow, he got hold of the band wallet at the last gig and went mad with the plastic. We've always prided ourselves on having the best light show on the road - and now it's even better with a battery of new moving head LED lights. In fact we are now completely LED on stage - the bulb has gone the way of the dinosaurs! It will blow you away - so come and check it all out at an upcoming gig!

Sound News

So up sidles Stuart our Sound Engineer... 'How come Dom gets to play with shiny new toys and not me?' Stop pouting Stu and spec it up! We've road tested the result this Autumn and audiences have been blown away by our new JBL PA - awesome quality Hi-fi sound. You won't hear better. Come and check it out!

DVD Released

Our new video recorded live at The Playhouse in Whitley Bay is now available and is selling well to great reviews. The band have never sounded or looked as good, we hope you'll agree! You can buy the DVD on line on our Merchandise page, at one of our shows or on Amazon


We decided we didn't really like the term 'Tribute Band' and dug out our Thesaurus. 'Replica' - a bit Blade Runner! Hmmmm.. Keeping something alive in the face of all odds. CRYOGENESIS! Love it - shame we already named the band!