About us

When starting a band there has to be a healthy serving of confidence and blind faith. The then young members of Genesis were initially no different to many teenagers of the period. A revolution in popular music was well under way.

What is extraordinary is the speed at which these young men acquired maturity in first penning their own compositions to then creating records that are not only memorable but for many of us a level of greatness that genuinely cannot be surpassed.

For some that last statement is over emotional but for those who enter the world of Genesis Tribute, it’s a fact. Los Endos is a band made up of genuine Genesis fans, the emotional kind! Alan, Dave, Gary, Jack and Martin have always recognised that to perform the music of Genesis is a huge responsibility and requires more than high levels of enthusiasm.

Firstly, the sound and production must be top drawer. The listening audience must feel that the performance is damn close to being as good as they would have hoped and even better. For that reason this band includes Stuart and Dominic who, on sound and light tirelessly work on their strategy to create a condensed version of a big show.

So why is it often such a big step to take the plunge and see a band like Los Endos?

Even the band still understand having attended Genesis gigs themselves that this is a sound that isn’t easy to re-create, however this is exactly the one thing that has remained paramount to Los Endos. It isn’t acceptable to create one’s own ‘take’; it has to be as true to the original vinyl or a long established live version. The sound and delivery is crucial for the fans to relive precious moments as many audience members also have memories of seeing Genesis in the past.

Oh and don’t buy into the fact that the girls didn’t get it. They most definitely did! The feedback received from female fans is formidable and led by ladies who are clearly fans from the old days!

In fact, now is a good point for putting in some comments from past audiences...